How to Spot Good Online Casinos in 2020

Whether you are a lover of card games, slots or table games, there are many online casinos out there to give you the games you cherish. The online casinos out there are so numerous that it is very difficult to pick the website to stick with, which is where sites like you can find here, come in handy and compare new slot sites to show you a variety of bonuses and games out there, for you! 

For every website that is elegantly designed, many competitions are waiting out there. For every platform where you are comfortably playing the games you cherish, there are many others waiting to give you the best too. So, what is the best way to find what you’re looking for?

Top Rated By Reviewers

One of the best ways to scale down the number of casinos to consider when you have many of them in your purview is to look at the reviews. If you need a reputable poker website for instance, you can Google the “best poker sites,” and you will be shown multiple lists of casinos. In most cases, the reviews that will come up may focus on casinos with some similarities. If you see names like the Party Poker, 888 Poker, and Pokerstars reviewed together, it means that the most respected poker platforms are being screened. However, the review sites differ in screening criteria, so you need to go for sites that offer in-depth guides and heavy detailing if you want to pick out sites that you can trust. They will not suggest the best operators to you. They will also tell you the pros and cons of using each of them.

Recommended On Forums

If you are fond of hanging out in casino social media groups and online forums, you can easily find out the casinos that people recommend through threads. When the majority of the people in the forums are recommending a particular platform, you should join them immediately. What everybody in the forums and social groups are looking for are the best casinos, and they do not fail to recommend one when they see it and to warn people when they encounter the bad ones. You can also share your experiences when you join such forums. But you have to beware of paid or sponsored comments and posts. Some casinos will go as far as paying members of such groups to make positive comments about them. So, guard against falling for this.

Proper Licensing and Legal Status

The best casinos function within the casino laws. They start by getting properly licensed by the necessary body. They also go ahead to comply with all the data privacy and security encryption protocols. In some cases, they may bring in independent auditors to audit their finances and platform. It is compulsory for all online casinos in the UK to operate with a license from the UKGC. They must also comply with the PCI and be encrypted with an SSL level protocol, to ensure that players’ data and funds are protected. PCI reveals that the credit card firms they work with could be trusted. So, no company will be licensed by the UKGC if they do not meet the PCI and SSL standards set by them. But there are some that may go rogue and operate without the UKGC license, especially when they function from offshore locations. You have to avoid playing on these platforms.

Meet Your Entire Requirements

What is it you want in a good online casino? Do you want an app for your iPhone or you cherish playing in sites that offer amazing bonuses. These may form the criteria for you when you are selecting a platform to play on. Make sure the casino you are registering with meets all that you desire. But the first of them all is proper licensing and a workable website. Also, consider the type of games you enjoy and ensure that they offer them. After this, consider their bonuses and promotional offers. Move over to the customer care and ensure that it is very responsive and that there are multiple avenues to reach them, including the live chat system, an email account, and a support phone line..

Fast Payouts

Another important aspect of casinos is the payment systems. They also reveal how good the management of the site is. Casinos that process players’ payment requests swiftly are most probably properly managed. But those that delay players’ payments are obviously not well managed. When you look at the blacklisted casinos, you will discover that most of them had payment processing issues. The finance departments of the best casinos are always working properly. The major indicators would include low withdrawal and deposit limits, low or no withdrawal and deposit charges, and processing of payment within a few hours.

Irresistible Bonus Offers

You will get bonuses from almost every casino out there, because they’ve all learnt to use the welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and other offers to lure in and retain players. But we are talking about the terms and conditions involved, and they are the things that differentiate the bonuses here. The terms to look out for are the maximum amount you can cash out from each bonus, how the winnings could be withdrawn, and most importantly, the wagering requirements. The latter specifies how many times you need to play the bonus fund over before you can make any withdrawals from the winnings. So, the best site would be the one that mesmerizes you not just with a great bonus, but with mild or lenient terms.


You can differentiate a reputable site from one that is not reputable through transparency. From this, you learn the operators with dirt and those that have no skeletons in their cupboard. Gaming platforms with no bonus terms for instance, should be avoided. They hide this because they don’t want you to have the information, and so they can use it to oppress you in the future. This is the same for every other information you need to have before signing up with them. If they hide any of those, there is something fishy about them. So, check the terms before you download the app, opt in for a bonus, or make a deposit. You will fall into a trap if you use a platform with little or no information.

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