Top 5 online roulette tips that can help you win big

There is no denying the fact that roulette is counted amongst the most elegant games you can play at online casinos today. While on one hand it is all about conventional sophisticated gaming, on the other it is also a very simple game that can be played by almost anyone, promising a great deal of fun and excitement. Below we have put together some proven tips that can help you win at this online casino game.

Play only at reliable casinos

Whenever you walk into a big land-based casino establishment, you are at least aware that the operator is trustworthy, honest and legitimate. But things are a bit different when it comes to the online world. You have hundreds of choices and it can often become very difficult to separate the good ones from the questionable kinds. It’s very important that you go only with quality casinos. These casinos should have a good record of paying out the winners and be legitimate in every way. The linked-to page above can point you in the right direction as it features a short list of reliable and trustworthy casino websites.

Keep your bets as a fraction of your bankroll

Online roulette is a game which requires a long-term strategy to succeed at it consistently. You should be careful that you never risk a considerable percentage of your bankroll on any single spin of the roulette wheel. If you do so, you would be risking not being able to play for long enough to make the odds turn in your favor. For instance, if you join a specific roulette table with a bankroll of $ 1000, ensure that your each bet is no more than $ 10. Here’s a good system you can follow if you have a small bankroll.

But keep in mind this system is more for fun, not something you can beat roulette in the long-term. A strategy that wins in the long term is generally referred to as advantage play. You could see this roulette tips page that explains why various strategies lose or win.

When it comes to betting a fraction of your bankroll, you can continue playing without so easily blowing your bankroll. Even professional players use this approach because if they have an edge, their bet size will continue to increase. Whereas if they don’t have an edge, their bets will become gradually smaller, which preserves the bankroll.

Practice at free roulette games

If you are new to roulette, the best way to learn about and get familiarized with it is by playing it on a regular basis. In case the thought of playing with real money intimidates you, you could opt for some very exciting free online roulette games that can help you get your feet wet before bringing any real cash into play.

Be careful about where you test roulette systems though. Many play-for-fun games don’t use realistic spins. Some dishonest casinos even give you an unrealistic edge, until you start betting with real money. This comes back to choosing reputable online casinos. But to be safe and sure, don’t test systems with any spins provided by an online casino. It is much better and safer to use a third-party roulette system testing program.

Make use of combination bets

Combination bets allow you to cover more numbers without needing to make numerous bets. While it may increase your odds of winning, understand there’s a difference between odds and payout. Odds are your chance of winning. Payout is the amount you get paid for wins. Specifically it is the discrepancy between odds and payouts that gives the casino the advantage, which is known as the house edge.

But if you’re playing purely for fun, combination bets are a good way to increase your odds. This is in contrast to betting something like a single number, in which case you could go many spins without winning at all. Combination bets also make it easier to apply betting progression. Although progression can be dangerous and risky, you could also get lucky and win big even with a small bankroll. Who knows, if it’s your lucky day you might end up winning big like this Brazilian businessman!

Be aware of the roulette table you’re playing at

Please keep in mind that not every roulette game is created equal. The biggest example in this regard is the roulette table that feature the “00” space. Having this space can impact your winning odds, and any strategy you might be using. Hence, it is very important to be completely aware of the type of roulette table you are sitting at before placing any bets.

Many inexperienced players believe having the extra pocket of 00 gives them one extra chance to win. It’s actually the opposite case, because the payouts haven’t changed. What has changed is your odds of winning, which are actually reduced. A simple example is say you bet on a single number on a European wheel. In this case, your odds of winning are 1 in 37. But on an American 00 wheel, they are 1 in 38 because of the extra pocket. However, the payout doesn’t change – it’s still 35-1.

Does the additional pocket really make much difference? Absolutely. Firstly consider the European roulette wheel has a -2.7% edge, and it makes casinos millions. But the American wheel house edge is nearly double at -5.26%. Over the short-term, it wont make a huge difference. But few players only bet on a few spins. Over the long-term, the difference in house edge can and will make an immense difference. So always choose single 0 wheels over 00 wheels.

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