Roulette – An Ever-Popular Game in the Internet Betting World

Roulette has always been one of the most popular gambling games. From the early years of the French Riviera to modern-day mobile casinos, the game has continually found favour with players who love a punt and a gamble. What is it about roulette that has proven so popular, though? How did the game become such a hit, and where can you have a crack at it for yourself? Let’s dive into the world of roulette.

Why is roulette so popular to play online?

Online roulette’s popularity is not down to it simply being more accessible on the internet than at a land-based casino. Of course, it helps that you can just sit down in your living room or grab your phone to have a quick spin, instead of traversing to a brick and mortar gaming venue. There is more to online roulette’s popularity than that, though.

When you choose to visit a land-based casino, there will often be just a handful of roulette wheels for you to play, perhaps a high stakes wheel, or a table for beginners. However, it can be a very different situation when you play roulette online. Most major online casinos can offer their players access to European roulette, American roulette and French roulette games for starters. Moreover, they can also provide them with numerous other variants to play, including mini roulette, progressive roulette, and games with several other rule changes and differing table limits. In short, when playing online, players have a far greater choice of what they can play.

Playing online also allows players to keep tabs on vital stats (for those who wish to). Keeping an eye on hot and cold numbers, having a broader range of ways to bet, and flexible options so that the games are tailor-made to your needs, are all made possible with online roulette; it is little wonder the game is so popular online.

Players who are after a more realistic experience can also play live dealer roulette games. These are played over a video stream and are the latest step in the evolution of roulette. Roulette has evolved from the very moment it first appeared, and it has come a long way since its early days.

The evolution of roulette

Roulette initially started out as an experiment. It is widely accepted that Frenchman, Blaise Pascale created the roulette wheel as a way of trying to study probability. His machine was picked up the French and became popular in Paris with the aristocracy in the late eighteenth century. By the mid-nineteenth century, two versions of the game were in existence, one with a single zero, and another with both the zero and double zero pockets. Naturally, as American players will be aware, it was the double zero game which became popular in the United States when brought over by French immigrants. This was because casinos could use the higher house edge that having the double zero pocket brings to their advantage.

Back in Europe, the single zero roulette game was favoured. This game would also split into two, with the basic game becoming known as European roulette and the original French edition, with its racetrack bets and its French betting names transformed into the appropriately titled French roulette.

Since it first appeared at land-based casinos, the popularity of the game has risen exponentially. In the 1970s, electronic roulette became popular, and its screen-style gameplay was cutting edge at the time. It is unsurprising that when the first online casinos went live in the early 1990s, the technology used in electronic roulette made it possible to play roulette online via computers, too. The relative speed with which new games could be produced and spread across the globe via the internet has allowed many different variants to spring up, and that has pushed forward the evolution of the game at a staggering rate. Both mobile and live dealer roulette are the most recent additions to the roulette family.

Playing online roulette

Finding an online casino to play roulette is merely a formality today. Almost every major online casino will carry at least a few different variants. The number of roulette games and the types of games a casino carries depends on the software providers which offer titles at a casino. Big developers such as Microgaming and Net Entertainment tend to produce the most roulette variants, while Evolution Gaming are the kings of live roulette games. There are lots of resources for those looking at online roulette uk where is it is one of the most popular online casino games.

Some players tend to pick a roulette casino based on the roulette bonuses and promotions they offer, and others may opt to select a casino based on the array of games they carry. Whatever your preference, you won’t be short of choices if you wish to play roulette online.

Winning strategies and practice play

Before you sit down to play, it can help to have a crack at some roulette strategies. In the past, players had to study these in-depth to play roulette at land-based casinos. However, since online roulette allows you to take your time between spins (as much as you want in RNG-based games), you can afford to take things slowly and implement strategies. But be aware that beating real roulette wheels is very different to playing RNG.

Besides particular advantage play methods, there are no strategies which guarantee a win on roulette, but most will allow you to keep yourself in the game through careful balance and chip management. None of the most popular strategies (such as Fibonacci, D’Alembert and the Martingale System) are particularly designed solely for roulette, but they can be used to play the game.

Players can also find a host of free roulette games at top casinos. This allows them to hone their skills, practice and play for free and to put those strategies to good use to see how they fare before they wager real money on roulette. Given the internet has so many different resources open to roulette players, it is no surprise that roulette is more popular than ever before.

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