Playtech’s Best Roulette Games

Everyone on this forum will have their favourite roulette game. Indeed, most of us have that game that is a bête noire, a game we love to hate, but we can’t get enough of playing. Moreover, some will have a favourite software provider for the games – NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech and so on.

Below we have picked what we think are five of the best from Playtech. As it’s a subjective opinion, we have put each game in a specific category.

Best Virtual Roulette for RTP – Club Roulette

There seems to an industry-wide standard for RTP of European style roulette games from the big software developers, coming in at 97.30%. It’s obviously very comparable to the house edge you would see in most land-based casinos, so not a bad option. It should be noted that some Microgaming versions are down at 97.00% for RTP, but almost all Playtech and NetEnt virtual European roulette games are at 97.30%.

Best for casual players – Penny Roulette

In some casinos it’s difficult to find cheap roulette options. You can start playing penny roulette here at, an option that seems to be dying out at most casinos. It’s European roulette, so it has that higher level RTP listed below. The best part about Penny Roulette is that it can be played for up to £500 a bet, so there is that option to adjust if you are a high roller. Obviously, betting 1p is not going to change your life, but it is the perfect game if you want to practice your strategy or simply want to play on an ultra-low budget.

Best for high rollers – Age of the Gods Roulette

The purists might not love Age of the Gods Roulette, but it’s simply a high-quality roulette game with the added incentive of a progressive jackpot. Some will point to the RTP rate – it’s 95.73% – as a reason not to play, but you must remember that a percentage of the wager is going into the jackpot fund. Progressive jackpots are awarded randomly, but the chances are increased exponentially by playing for a higher bet. If you are a high roller, playing a £10 stake will give you a much better chance of triggering the jackpot than a £0.20 spin. Remember – the Age of the Gods jackpot can potentially be worth millions.

Best for Social Gaming – Football Roulette Live

Admittedly, there is still some way to go before we can celebrate the fact that social live gaming has hit its zenith. However, Playtech must be applauded for trying to create something different. If you haven’t experienced Football Roulette Live, it’s essentially a live dealer table fronted by a croupier who engages in football chat. Players will engage in conversation using interactive stats boards, live updates from football matches and so on. It was introduced for the FIFA World Cup last year. There are some wrinkles still to iron out, but the idea is a brilliant one. Incidentally, the roulette game on offer is Live European Roulette.

Best for Pros –Premium French Roulette

Members of this site know the rules of roulette, know the stakes and know when they are getting value for money. So, playing Premium French Roulette – with La Partage Rule – means they get half the stake returned if the ball lands in single zero slot. It’s quite difficult to find games with the La Partage Rule at online casinos, so make a note of those that do – especially in the live dealer tables.

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